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We reimagine how buildings and spaces can work to form unique homes rich in design and playful functionality. HAS Studio has been tailoring architecture to clients in London and the South East since 2020.

Originally beginning our careers in large-scale commercial practice in London, we left to step into the world of self-build whilst providing architectural services locally. Finding a great deal of satisfaction helping homeowners with a range of projects, this relatable, engaging scale is where our passion lies, working on a human level improving properties and enhancing lifestyles.

We champion beautiful homes with high quality spaces and moments. With our own developments we endeavour to do as much of the construction as possible, providing us with a greater insight into buildability and detailing. We are deeply conscious of our responsibility that our work touches the ground lightly, and proudly place sustainability at the forefront of the design and delivery of our projects.

From subtle interventions to extensive overhauls, we strive to demonstrate that good architecture is very much for everyone.

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